Dog days of summer

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The days are sweltering and while you can cope by wearing linen or sucking down a frozen margarita at a sidewalk cafe, you have a best friend at home wearing a fur coat who has needs. And the needs are beyond heeding nature’s call. Really, your friend has the greater urge to return to nature … to feel what it was like sprinting through forests with his canine crew all those thousands of years ago before he was angling to get a piece of your discarded caribou carcass at the fireside when you were busy grunting about how the Internet wasn’t invented yet, or language, for that matter.

Thankfully humans have attempted to do right by their best friends via dog parks. And these may be the closest thing us Midwestern city and suburb-dwellers have to giving our furry friends what they so desire. Below is a survey of great places outside of Chicago to go to very literally unleash your city dog’s inner country dog.

Take note: before you venture out to these dogtopias be sure your pets are up to date with all vaccinations and pay special attention to the permits/cost section. Some spots make it difficult to be spontaneous as there’s no way to secure a permit on site.

I chose the following spots based on their size (bigger the better), relative accessibility to Chicago, geographic diversity (one for every direction) and the fact that they’re off-leash (all but one). Know that there are additional off-leash areas and this is just a survey of a few.  If you have other parks to recommend, please comment below! If you’re inclined to be thorough, use our guidelines for the benefit of

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