Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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A Holiday for Man’s Best Friend


Many people enjoy dressing up their , but have you ever thought that dressing up your for would become a very popular part of the holiday itself. Everywhere you look, you will find in the magazines you get, in the mail to the nearest store; people just love to dress up their pets. Because dogs are so friendly and obedient, they are easy to dress up and they still greet you with a wagging tail. You can even make fun doggie treats to hand out to your neighborhood dogs.


A Variety of to Choose From


Halloween costumes for dogs come in all shapes and sizes. They come in costumes such as football players, pirates, pigs, frogs, and some of the more extreme costumes that are for the most daring owners, like superman, batman, , crocodile, Frankenstein, skeleton, and even hippie dog! Dogs can have just as much of a variety of costumes as people, and in some cases ever more. For your cute dog, there are many princess costumes to choose from and for your they come in army costumes complete with camo print. Harry Potter fans can even dress their dog up with Gryffindor school robes, or just a magical hat to add that .


Where Can I Buy?


You can buy Halloween costumes for dogs at most , or even at your local shopping center like Walmart or Target. They come in all different sizes, you can choose the perfect one for your dog, big or small, and there is always many choices to choose from. A good way to buy is by ordering them directly online, because it is so convenient and the costumes are delivered directly to your home with only a small charge for shipping. And in some cases no shipping rates apply. Most costumes range in prices from to fifteen dollars at most pet stores. Though you should always shop around for the best prices, some can be highly overpriced compared with other stores who sell virtually the same item for less. It all depends on your personal preferences as a dog owner.


Popular Costumes

Today there are so many costumes for dogs out there that it can get confusing when trying to buy the perfect one for your dog. But, to make things a little easier, here are some of the top costumes of 2007. The ghost is obviously a popular costume during this spooky holiday, and your dog is sure to look adorable dressed as a little ghost. Other costumes including robots, pumpkins, and other animals such as pigs and even dogs! Yes you heard that right, this dress your dog up like a dog, Scooby-Doo is a popular choice. Anyway when you dress your dog this Halloween, be sure to give your rover lots of love and treats. And do not forget to keep your pets on a leash at all times! Your dog is sure to enjoy Halloween just as much as kids do on this fun-filled holiday.

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