Choices For Puppy Training Collars

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A collar, in my opinion, is a necessity for anyone getting a dog, just as a regular dog is a necessity.  The regular dog collar is a simple cloth to the elaborate , it’s all about choice with this one.  There are several types of the available, from the choke chain, pronged collars, and electronic collars.  We will discuss the possibilities in these categories, but be advised, that if you don’t train your puppy his will cause you unhappiness.  Eventually some people have their animals put down when the bad habits become more then they want to deal with.  If you bother to take the time to train your dog, all of this can be avoided.

What the Different Puppy Training Collars Are About

While the choke chain sounds like a return on the Inquisition, its not like it sounds, but the name is long standing and isn’t probably going to go away.  You can call it a puppy training and avoid the nasty image of the choke chain.  What it actually is, is a simple collar with an ability to tighten as the dog pulls. The best one is the Swedish Training Collar. The tightens the more he pulls away.  Most dogs take very little time to get the association, so this puppy training collar is most often quick, painless and the puppy training collar can be quite inexpensive.  This help with teach a dog to walk with you, not walk you.  It can also teach him to sit, heel, etc.

The pronged collar serves the exact same purpose as the choke chain, but there are prongs inside the collar, which pinch the dog if he pulls to hard.  While most people with don’t feel the need to use this, people with larger animals often find it a necessity.  Puppies get excited, they jump, , try to run and do all sorts of things that can injure yourself or others.  This type of puppy training collar is very effective and often only takes a couple of tries before the dog learns what he is supposed to do.

Electronic collars are just the same as the prong collar, and choke chain in purpose, but it uses a small electronic zap to convince your dog he is making the wrong choice.  They also have these collars with virtual fences.

Bark collars are a puppy training collar, but are designed to address the specific problem.  The choices are myriad to a small electronic shock when they bark, to a spray of water or other smell dogs don’t like.

While ongoing training and reminder training never stops, most dog really do learn quickly and the puppy training collar is your most helpful tool.

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