Dog attack forces post suspension

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Postal deliveries have been suspended for the second time in two months on a Sheffield street after a dog attacked delivery staff.

Now residents living on Greenwood Avenue in Darnall, have to pick up their mail from the local Office or at a delivery office.

Royal Mail said it had previously asked the dog’s owner to keep it indoors during delivery times.

One neighbour said it was unfair others were affected by the action.

‘Very serious incident’

Dennis Cheeseman who lives on the street said: “We got a letter from the post office stating that [deliveries] were stopped again.

“It’s because apparently the dog’s gone for the postman.

“It’s pretty miffing that this has stopped again.

“I want the dog taken off [the owners].”

In a statement Royal Mail said: “Regrettably, despite previous assurances from the dog owner in Greenwood Avenue, Darnall, Sheffield, that their dog would be kept indoors while the postman was on delivery, there has been another attack on our postman by their dog.

“Because of this very serious further incident, on Monday, 12 August and because the dog roams the neighbourhood, we have had no option but to suspend deliveries to 14 addresses on the road.

“Customers are able to collect their mail at Darnall Post Office on request, or at the delivery office.

“We are once again liaising with the dog owner, the local council and the police in order to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”

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    • pedro peres
    • August 20, 2013

    C’mon dogs play like that by placing their paws on the ground with their heads between and cats do that when they fight.

    • Doktor Bathtub
    • August 20, 2013

    They we playing. The dog would have been able to kill the kitten in a second

    • Jan Ric Jumangito
    • August 20, 2013

    The dog is like, Is that an ALIEN?

    • Doris Pujić
    • August 20, 2013

    Brave Kitten Stands Up to Dog

    • Doris Pujić
    • August 20, 2013

    Podijeli ovaj videozapis Ugradi E-pošta

    • Saraphine S
    • August 20, 2013

    that is one brave kitten and so cute! The dog is tied up and the kitten can walk away anytime if it was truly scared. That kitten has more balls then some people I know.

    • thesecretxx1
    • August 20, 2013

    Stand your ground little kitten!

    • Shanti Whittington
    • August 20, 2013

    bravest kitteh evah

    • Angelina Harrington
    • August 20, 2013

    Go kitty

    • Khai ruinz
    • August 20, 2013

    It’s not a kitty. It’s a lion

    • Dennis Garcia
    • August 20, 2013

    If that kitten was a cop it would have shot the dog.

    • rioter43
    • August 20, 2013

    Poor dog all tied up like that…

    • August 20, 2013

    How do people train there dogs to not kill mine would kill anything that’s not a person lol

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