Take Great Pictures Of Your Poodle Today

by Lisa A Collins

You don't have to hire a professional to get professional looking pictures of your dog. You can take great pictures of your with an inexpensive digital camera. Using a digital camera saves you because it gives you the option of deleting your bad shots instead of paying to have them processed and printed.

With , you get to see your pictures right away, so you can retake any pictures that didn't turn out the way you wanted them to. Besides, are “greener” than . Processing film from disposable cameras uses paper and water and releases into the environment.

We all know that taking pictures of a pet can be problematic. You have to get your Poodle to sit still and pose for you. You have to take care of lighting and backdrops. These tips and tricks will help you solve these problems and get you started taking fabulous pictures of your Poodle.

Get everything you need ready before you involve your Poodle in the process. Load a fresh in your digital camera, replace the batteries in your camera and carry an extra set of with you. Choose a setting for your pictures. For an indoor setting, be sure the light is adequate. If you are working in an outdoor area, secure the area for your Poodle's safety. A makes a great outdoor setting because you won't need to worry about your dog getting away and being hit by a car or attacked by a loose dog.

Fourth, decide whether you'll take pictures of your Poodle inside or outside, and secure the location if you decide to shoot outside. Fifth, make sure all your backdrops and props and you dog's collar, harness and leash are ready and . Sixth, have an idea of the different poses that you want to capture in you .

Your choice of what to use for your Poodle pictures can set the tone for the pictures. Plan your backgrounds carefully. The Poodle's curly hair looks best photographed against a smooth, solid colored backdrop. Light colored dogs show up best against dark backgrounds, and vice versa. Many photographers now use a chromatic green backdrop. With this backdrop, your background disappears in your digital photos, and you can place your Poodle into any digital backdrop you can find.

Toys and props add interest to your photos, and they keep your dog engaged during the photo session. If you have a Miniature or Toy Poodle, using props will help emphasize the diminutive size of your dog. You should always take pictures of your dog from your dog's eye level, not your eye level.

Props and accessories help enhance your dog's appeal in a picture. Props work especially well with poodles, to put the dog in scale so the viewer knows whether the animal is a toy poodle, a miniature poodle or a standard poodle. Take pictures from you dog's eye level. Sit or kneel to photograph a standard poodle, and move a toy dog up to a tabletop or countertop. Follow these suggestions, and you will soon be taking professional quality pictures of your Poodle.

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