ANN ARBOR: Online survey seeks Ann Arbor dog park input

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Ann ’s of the Park Advisory Commission (PAC) is inviting the public to participate in an online survey to gather feedback and opinions on potential dog park locations and features.

The survey,, is brief and should take about 10 minutes to fill out.

Everyone is invited to take this survey, and non owners, alike. on the survey is important to the PAC and will help create recommendations that improve overall parks and recreation service to the residents of Ann Arbor.

The survey remains open through Monday, Aug. 12.

The desire for additional dog parks is identified in the Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan (an element of the City Master Plan). In an effort to ensure PAC is responding to this need in an appropriate manner, the public is being asked for input on where one or more dog parks could be located and what types of amenities should be considered for inclusion in new and existing dog parks.

While there is not a single standard for dog park development, the subcommittee has been working to identify best practices from around the country to develop elements and criteria that we believe will lead to successful dog parks in Ann Arbor. Some of these elements/criteria include location, size, and the features on site. However, the committee knows there may be others, so a key objective of this survey is to understand what additional criteria the public believes is important to successful dog parks.

The will also hold two public meetings — Tuesday, Aug. 27, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the basement conference room of

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