Killer dogs' owners could face life

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The owners of dogs that attack and kill someone could in prison under new proposals for England and Wales.

The current maximum prison sentence for allowing a dog that kills or injures someone to be dangerously out of control is two years.

Under a government consultation, respondents will be asked to select the most appropriate sentence for a – from seven years to life.

Sixteen people have been killed by dogs in the UK since 2005.

In March, 14-year-old was killed in an attack by four dogs while she was at a friend’s house near Wigan, in Greater Manchester.

Police have no plans to prosecute anyone in relation to her death, saying there is no evidence a crime has been committed under current laws.

At present, the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 covers only attacks by dogs in public places and private areas where animals are prohibited from being, such as a neighbour’s garden or a park.

Guide dog attacks

The consultation, which will run until 1 September, follows the announcement in February of plans to extend the scope of the law to enable a prosecution to be brought against anyone whose dog injures someone or acts aggressively in a private place where they are permitted to be, such as the owner’s home.

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    • jack
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    I cried.

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    so true <3

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    don´t u mean things we learn dogs to do?

    • Sam Caslick
    • August 6, 2013

    tears came out ill be honest.

    • proud2bpagan
    • August 6, 2013

    Don’t worry,I did,too! that GSD’s reaction to its partner’s death was heart breaking.Darned allergies! Made me hug my dogs a lil closer!

    • proud2bpagan
    • August 6, 2013

    One of my cats saved my life. I’m hypoglycemic,and one day,my sugar dropped while my then life partner was away from home. I went to lay down,and she got up on my chest,demanding attention(something she *never* did) and biting my fingers(she’d never bitten me before).She kept this up til my partner got home and got me the help I needed. When my partner got home,the cat walked out the door,and I haven’t seen her since.I’d be dead if it weren’t for my furry angel.

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    Great video

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    DOGS RULE !!! big or small.

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    Thanks a lot!:)) Whats the song at 1:09 called?

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    My dog taught me how to walk,but he didnt let me craw?

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    This was awesome and powerful. Getting off the computer and taking my boy for a ride…

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    Hell of a close call.

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