5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a New Pet ID

German Shepherd Puppy Pet ID Tag

It would be nice if all dogs were as “language ready” as Brian Griffin (the talking from the animated series Family Guy), or if the talking dog collars in the animated film Up were real (the iCollar? :)).

Alas, although we would love to be as conversational with our dogs in the real world as in our imaginations, it’s just not the case.

It would be great if, when Fido wandered off and sniffed out a trail that led to several neighborhoods away, he or she could just go up to the closest human and say, “Pardon me. I got loose (again) and wandered off. Now I’m lost. My name is Fido and I live at 123 Main Street. Would you mind either giving me a lift home, or if that’s too inconvenient, just give my human a call at 555-1234?”

Chihuahua Pet ID Tag

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. The best we can hope for is someone who knows enough to contact the local Humane Shelter or a vet’s office, and have them scan the identity chip that was injected under the dog’s skin.

(You did have microchip implanted when you first got your dog, right? If not, PLEASE contact a vet and have it done. It’s the best backup plan to avoid losing your dog when all else fails!).

According to the American Humane Society, a mere 15% of stray dogs picked up and put in shelters manage to find their way home again. These lucky dogs had some form of identification, so the shelter personal were able to do their jobs and get the pets back to their rightful owners.

With such a dismal statistic and low rate of success, don’t you think it’s important to clearly identify your dog?

Five You Want One of These Unique Tags

  • Peace of mind. You will know that if your dog does get lost, the chances of someone contacting you are greatly improved. It’s simple, the more information someone has, the better. The person who finds your dog will know that you went to a lot of trouble to make sure your dog’s identity is clear and known, and will hopefully take the effort you made seriously.
  • Clear identity. If someone finds your dog, see his or her picture along with all of the dog’s demographic information, you’ll stand a better chance of getting positive results. It reduces the chances of your dog getting somehow mixed up with another similar lost dog, and it reduces the chance the dog will be reported as some stray and picked up by the “dog catcher”.
  • Safety. Your dog’s pet tag can contain information important to your pet’s well-being. You can list medical issues, allergies, behavior warnings, and anything else you think might be important.
  • Vanity. Eventually, everyone will want one of these tags for their dog. If you don’t have one, well... it’s kinda like not having the latest gadget when everyone has it. Pet owners like to be seen as “great” pet owners, and going to the extra step of getting the best pet available
  • They look great! Here’s a few more examples. Click on any of the images for a 50% discount:

Golden Retriever Pet ID TagPitbull Brown White Pet ID Tags Pitbull Pet ID Tag Pitbull Pet ID Tag Australian Shepherd Pet ID Tag

Golden Retriever Pet ID Tag

We have been monitoring the general response to these pet tags on our Facebook page. Everybody seems to like them, but as of yet they are not available for non-U.S. customers. Someone objected to having the dog’s name on the tag, arguing that it helped people steal dogs, but I can’t see that as a problem.

Numerous people from the U.K. and Australia seemed to want one, but at this time they are not available in those countries. I have chatted with Jason, my contact at PetIDforMe, and he assures me Canada, the U.K., and Australia are in the works and will be released shortly.

These wonderful pet tags are all hand crafted, 100% original, and come with a 365 day guarantee. If you are interested in getting one of these beautiful pet tags for your dog, we have secured a 50% discount at the following link: 50% Discount on Pet ID tags.

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