Epic Franks for Hot Dog Day

In the midst of the dog days of summer, America prepares to celebrate one of its favorite warm weather foods: the hot dog.  Whether it is off the home grill, a cart on the corner or a vendor from the ballpark, a few extra franks will be consumed around the country on July 23 in celebration of National Hot Dog Day. Here are some of the best places to down a few franks, kick back and enjoy the holiday:

  • 1Pink's Hot Dogs – Los Angeles, CA

    Pink's Hot Dogs

    Pink's has become a Hollywood fixture and internationally famous since its founding in 1939.  It is the ultimate Mom and Pop hot dog stand. While a haven for the rich and famous today, the stand had humble beginnings. It was started by Paul and , who sold hot dogs from a cart on a neighborhood street corner.  

  • 2Show Dogs – San Francisco, CA

    Situated in the heart of San Francisco's theater district, Show Dogs features a wide variety of sausages and other fine foods. And it's not just your run of the mill hot dog shack either. Its white marble tables, antique pews, metal stools, tin ceiling tiles and holophane light fixtures create an early industrial city environment.

  • 3Crift Dogs – New York, NY

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    In this episode of The Dog Whisperer, we meet two men who have lost control of their dignified dogs.
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      • SuperDeluxe80
      • July 23, 2013

      im suprised a real youtube account is showing full episodes.

      • simonr1316
      • July 23, 2013

      “She have more power then bill ” lmao xD

      • gerry9169
      • July 23, 2013

      2:47, lol shit thought that was a dick shaped pool hahaha.

      • kyuubified
      • July 23, 2013

      6:51 “This guy is unsure, he’s insecure, right?” I legit though he was going to sing WMYB.

      • Sofia Lee
      • July 23, 2013

      what a bitch, bill

      • xCyberdog
      • July 23, 2013

      Hugo prefers Ceaser to Bill, paws down.

      • cptmuska
      • July 23, 2013

      lol this mans tops his life changing amazing research work for this little dick head of a dog this made me laugh.

      • 1misanthropist
      • July 23, 2013

      Michelle needs me to bang her doggy style.

      • Juan Morell
      • July 23, 2013

      Why are people bashing on this guy? It’s not like he is an expert in dog behaviour, really… I thought he was weak but a good person none the less.

      • Deafkon
      • July 23, 2013

      I think he’s quite polite, and a genuinely nice person. Tough dogs can seem impossible, cut him some slack 🙂

      • namaliaus
      • July 23, 2013

      I love the scenes where they knock on the door and there are already 3 cameramen inside^^. Theyre just sitting on the couch.. as you do. In silence… waiting.

      • Clark Kent
      • July 23, 2013

      Hey guys im writing from the hospital now with minor injuries thank god!Got in a little incident with my dog when I tried to do the same thing to fix him!

      • Joe P.
      • July 23, 2013

      Foolish – adjective: (of a person or action) Lacking good sense or judgment; unwise. The first thing in every episode of DW is a very sincere warning NOT to try these techniques without consulting a PROFESSIONAL. It isn’t rocket science but it does take specialized knowledge. Don’t blame the dog….

      • paolo tuliao
      • July 23, 2013

      cesar is my role model

      • jesualdo2000
      • July 23, 2013

      that guy is to gay to have a dog

      • MostarBrato
      • July 23, 2013

      Why the fuck would any woman want to divorce Cesar?? I am a man and i am not gay and i would not want to divorce him

      • FrickRXF
      • July 23, 2013

      Cesar, você é 10, parabéns.

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