The Causes Of Dog Separation Anxiety.

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The causes of are numerous and varied. However there’s no full understanding by animal behavior experts concerning many of the genetic variants that allow different within the same litter to act in another way to when alone. Some are perfectly content, some can and do develop anxiety when left alone.

This said, it is possible to facts you need to look out for as a responsible pet owner.It’s felt that dogs which develop anxiety are showing behavioral patterns which might be a variety of nature – the dog’s natural developing attachment to and dependency on its owner, and nurture – that dependency being reinforced inside the dog’s mind by his owners behaviors towards him.

In either case if you happen to possess a dog, regardless of how experienced an owner you could be, it is always preferable to be on the alert for your pooch starting to display any indications of becoming anxious when you’re not with him.

If you happen to become familiar with several of the factors behind this you might be in a better position to address it and help your canine friend to adjust. Some of the more common causes and signs of dog can include any of the following:

A pet dog that has grown accustomed to almost constant companionship from his owner and it is then is left alone – for a few short minutes.

A dog has perhaps been abandoned or mistreated by the previous owner and so been through an upsetting period possibly elongated by time spent in the rescue home before you adopted him.

He now becomes overly dependent on you as his new owner or could take time for them to adapt to his new surroundings.

There’s a change of circumstances in your daily life which often can adversely affect your pet dog. Examples may well be a move of home, change of work routine or maybe even bringing a new pet into your house.

Your dog’s natural pack mentality is certainly that he or she believes he’s the leader and responsible for you then actually starts to panic when he can’t see you.

It can be upsetting for your young puppy being removed from its mother and littermates too early before he’s got developed sufficiently emotionally to face such stress. Take advice from the breeder regarding this if you intend to take ownership of a new puppy.

In addition, consider how you behave towards your pet and might that be encouraging your canine’s attachment to you adversely to such an extent that he can not bear being anything apart from your absolute constant companion. For example when you work from your home, so he is used to being with you all day long, and you then change jobs and begin to work from a workplace chances are your dog might not cope well with such a radical change and you may need to help him get ready for it.

One other thing consider is just how you interact with your canine any time you do leave the house without him and then how you greet him on your return. Sure, it’s natural to make a huge fuss in either instance as you are sorry to be leaving and need to give him reassurance and that you’re so pleased to see him again whenever you return.

Next, discover how you can determine if your has and secure your free dog anxiety checklist to examine your dog.

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