Mission Possible: Operation Puppy Surprise

By Mike Bush

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – The place: and Pub in South County

The target: Marine Cpl.

The mission:

“These young men and women give so much and to be able to give something back to them,” says Sue McNamara. “It's an amazing feeling.”

Sue McNamara is a self-described amateur dog trainer with ties to the military.

“We are a military family,” she explains. “The last five of six generations have served.”

Through her work with the non-profit Joshua Chamberlain Society she heard that Cpl. McLoud was interested in getting a service dog.  Its her connections that made this mission possible.

We've been following the journey of Cpl. Justin McLoud since 2010. We were in San Diego, where the now 26 year old was learning to use his prosthetics after being badly wounded in northern Afghanistan.

“The first mission we went out on,” he recalled. “I'd say 200 meters outside the wire we got ambushed.”

The third battalion, 5th Marines out of Camp Pendleton, California drew one of the wars most deadly assignments, pushing Taliban fighters out the area.

“If you're heads not in the game, you're definitely going to mess up,” said Cpl. McLoud.

McLoud was the point man on foot patrols, meaning he was upfront in charge of navigation. In early December of 2010 while crossing a bridge, a member of his squad didn't see the road side bomb.

“He stepped on it and then I got hit, it threw me up in the air. I landed and tried to pick up my weapon. That's when I could tell

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    • Beholdthebeast
    • July 22, 2013

    Im sorry but this is hilarious

    • crazygamer514
    • July 22, 2013

    What a pussy

    • imsopimpgirl132
    • July 22, 2013

    Shut the fuck up I’m scard of dogs to win I was 4 a dog bit me in the face so now I’m scard bim 13 now so shut the hell up

    • Que Daniel
    • July 22, 2013


    • Que Daniel
    • July 22, 2013

    Yeah, like getting tattoos on their face. Human beings are actually becoming more intelligent throughout generations. And I think Miya’s point was that assholes that get tattoos on their face shouldn’t be afraid of little puppies.

    • MyLovelyPets1999
    • July 22, 2013

    Why are people calling him a wuss??? He had the guts to fucking touch the puppy. You guys obviously DO NOT know what caused the fear so go back to watching anime porn.

    • Leon Aragon
    • July 22, 2013

    YOU DON’T KNOW WHO HE IS YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S BEEN THROUGH!!!!!! Now go back to fucking your cat.

    • Leon Aragon
    • July 22, 2013

    My cousin was bit by a Rottweiler on the arm when she tried to run away the dog chased her and pinned her down and bit half her ear off. The dog bit her neck and she lost a lot of blood. She was petrified of dogs even puppies shortly after that. So I see where this guy is coming from. But after 5 years of overcoming her fear she got over it. And 2 years later she got a puppy. She named it marshy and everytime I would go to her house she seemed less scared

    • Hailey McClelland
    • July 22, 2013

    I’m proud of you Marvin. You did the right thing, yoy never gave up, and most importantly,you faced your fear. Good job buddy. Good job.;)

    • Esther Porter
    • July 22, 2013

    I think it means if someone looks tough they might not be tough

    • KenelJean
    • July 22, 2013

    Big ass punk

    • rotola89
    • July 22, 2013

    Bitch maid

    • brianne ross
    • July 22, 2013


    • brianne ross
    • July 22, 2013

    No, he’s not a pussy. You know, if you were scared of something, or had a phobia, you would understand. Since you most likely haven’t been through that, you should shut the fuck up

    • brianne ross
    • July 22, 2013

    Sorry, but I can’t help but ask you if you are a boy or girl. That profile picture is so fucked up, I can’t even tell what gender you are. And if you don’t have a phobia, or haven’t experienced fear, then shut that ugly mouth of yours.

    • brianne ross
    • July 22, 2013

    Do me a favour, and learn how to spell, ok.
    I’m sorry to say, but you must be in grade 2.Since is actually a grade three word, so go back to grade three.

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