Dog’s head ‘bitten off’ in attack

A dog has been seized by police after a smaller dog was decapitated in an which occurred in front of in .

The dog responsible for the fatal on Saturday is being examined by to identify the breed.

The incident was reported at 16:40 BST, after a called Elvis was attacked in a garden on Kingsway South and died of its injuries.

described it as a “horrendous ”.

Several young children were present at the time, including a four-year-old girl. A photograph of the Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog and its owner was taken by the child’s father.

The photograph of the bloodied dog owner struggling to control the dog was posted on Twitter by Elvis’s owner, , from Warrington, who said her dog had been “decapitated”.

“If it was capable of doing that to another dog, then you would have to be afraid of what it could potentially do to a child’s arm, or worse,” she said.

“People were screaming at her, but apparently she just said: ‘It’s not his fault – he’s only a baby’.”

‘Elvis was dead’

Mrs Antell was around the corner at home on her son’s sixth birthday.

She was alerted to the by her mother-in-law, Margaret Antell.

“It was all the more shocking due to the fact that the woman who had the dog, and a man who was with her, just walked away,” said Mrs Antell.

“Everyone in the community

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