How DealDash Works

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You may, or may not,  have heard of DealDash in the past. DealDash is an , but with a difference. Instead of bidding, and to see if someone outbid you, or if you won the item – each auction is fast and can be very, very cheap.

Each bid placed raises the bid amount by 1 penny. And, each bid placed resets the auction timer, which is generally minutes or seconds instead of days or weeks. If the auction timer hits zero, and you placed the last bid, you win! Even if the bid is for 1 penny.

DealDash is fun, exciting, and quick. Watch the video below, and you’ll see for yourself:

[vsw id=”-x_WIXZnK4A” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

If you’d rather view the video on YouTube, here’s the link: Thanks for visiting!

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