Puppy protests

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It’s been a interesting few weeks for , owner of in Webster City. Little did he realize that his small-town pet shop would be the target of protesters accusing him of supporting Iowa puppy mills.

For about seven weeks, a group of about a dozen people have gathered in front of his shop on Saturday afternoons. They carry signs urging people to “Adopt, don’t shop,” referencing the puppies that Wiemann sells in the store.

According to Wiemann, protesters have been picketing in front of Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe in Ames for about a year. Dale Dyvig owned a pet store in Webster City for many years. Wiemann was an employee at the store and later purchased the shop, changing the name to Critter Nation.

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Legend, a Japanese Chin from New Designs Kennel in Rockwell City, is one of the newest additions at Critter Nation. Protesters claim the breeder and another Iowa kennel which supplies Critter Nation are actually puppy mills.

Protesters stand with signs in front of Critter Nation in downtown Webster City. Protesters have gathered in front of the store for several Saturdays to protest the store’s puppy purchasing practices and educate people on the street about puppy mills.

“He (Dyvig) initially was shocked and didn’t understand what was going on,” Wiemann said. He added that Dyvig had spoken with the protest organizers. However, Wiemann said the protest leaders had yet to communicate with him about the Webster City protests.

“While I’ve never spoken with Mindy Callison, she

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