Dogs rescued from hoarder need medical help

JAMESTOWN, N.D. – Assessments of the 28 dogs rescued from a hoarding situation over the weekend revealed that they could potentially need up to $ 10,000 for care.

“They are all settling in and letting us handle them, whereas the first day, they were scared,” said Kris Meidinger, dog manager with the James River Humane Society. “They were terrified. They're doing a lot better today.”

The dogs, mostly dachshunds, were taken with permission from their owner, though he has since called the Humane Society asking for his dogs back, Meidinger said.

A deputy sheriff from the Eddy County Sheriff's Office called the Humane Society on Thursday for assistance, stating that neighbors had complained about dogs barking but had seen dogs outside the residence. The Humane Society called for assistance, and Prairie Paws co-founder Becky Johnson went with Meidinger to assess the situation.

They met at the courthouse in case legal action would be needed to save the dogs, but the owner voluntarily signed them over.

It took an hour or more to catch the dogs, all of whom had been totally confined indoors, Meidinger said. They had been urinating and defecating inside the house, leaving its hardwood floors sticky and its linoleum slippery —and leaving

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