Heated Sleeper For Your Cherished Home Pet

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Heated beds aren’t just an indulgence – they’re often a necessity, particularly for old with sore joints or arthritis, whelping puppies or animals that are sleeping outside, in a basement or garage.

There are three specific styles of electric . These are mats, insert warmers and complete, full-sized heated beds. To learn more about each kind of bed, keep reading.

Heating Mats for Pet Beds

Pet owners love heated mats because they’re versatile. Whether you want to position them in a kennel, slap them on the bottom of a house or just lay one over a favorite sleeping surface, you can do it. They’re also flexible for size, meaning they can fit different sizes of animals.

Before you use a heated pet mat outside, make sure it’s certified for outdoor use. So, if you’re planning to use your pet mat in a damp garage or dog house, look for one that’s made with waterproof plastic and has an outdoor-graded power cord. Outdoor models typically come with fleece covers, which are fine. Just make sure you wash and dry them if they get wet or soiled.

Warmer Inserts

A pet bed warmer is great for that like to move around. The small insert can be moved from one bed to another. And because it’s small, it uses a lot less power than a full-sized heated pet bed.

Pet bed warmers are small and portable, but that also means they don’t hold up well under heavy conditions. So, if you need a warmer for the outdoor dog house or a cold basement, you may want to invest in a heavy-grade, heated mat.

Before you buy a pet bed warmer, make sure it has a temperature control – you want to be able to adjust the warmth so that it doesn’t get too hot. Also, look for one that can handle a little scratching and biting.

Full Heated Pet Beds

A full-sized heated bed is the right choice if your pet likes a cupped bed, typically referred to as a “snuggle bed.” They’re sold in a range of styles and grades, depending on the size of your animal and whether it’s staying outside or indoors.

Obviously, if you’re buying a heated bed to keep your Chinese Crested Dog warm at night or you’re buying one to soothe your Great Dane’s arthritis, you’d size your snuggle bed accordingly.

When it comes to purchasing heated pet beds, no one model is better than the other. If you’re looking for small and portable, opt for the insert. On the other hand, if you prefer durability and power, go for the mat. And if you just need a basic bed with a little bit of added warmth, then choose the full-sized bed.

Remember, your beloved pet has needs for warmth in cold, damp places much like people. A heated mat or bed is really a small cost to provide a little extra comfort.

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