Dog Grooming Tips At Home With Your Pooch

dog grooming products

We all know our little pooches need someone to help them with the grooming process. They try hard to do what they can to themselves, such as chew or lick at there fur or roll around on the rug. But they still need mom or dads help with the proper dog grooming products. I mean, come on, have you ever tried to give yourself a haircut, you need help!! Fido needs help too.

Grooming Tips

Grooming should be as stress-free as possible for both you and your pooch.

With some dogs, the grooming process can be a challenge. Some dogs tend to get too excitable or nervous. So, lets discuss a few methods to maybe help make this process more enjoyable.

Your dog needs to be in a calm state, so maybe take him or her for a nice lengthy walk or throw the ball for them, maybe play with her for a period of time.

It will take some patience but gradually get your dog used to being groomed. Keep your first grooming session to maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Gradually add a little more time to each session until you are able to groom him or her properly.

Something that helps is to begin by petting your pooch all over, including sensitive areas they get nervous about, like the paws, the tail, the ears and their tummies.

Talk to your pooch with praise in your voice the entire time you are grooming them. Give them their favorite tasty treat when you are finished grooming them each time. Eventually she will begin to think this process is pleasant.

Brushing and Combing Them

Dirt, weeds, grass, and heaven knows what else can get embedded in your dogs fur. To keep your dog’s coat healthy and clean, combing and brushing on a regular basis is a must. However different coats require different .

Long-haired breeds require daily grooming, short-haired breeds only require a weekly grooming.

By using a soft bristle brush, generally made of rubber or a plastic, you can loosen dirt and dead skin.

To remove tangles, use a a slicker type brush.

dog grooming products

Using a stiffer bristle brush will pull out the dead hair.

For a very nice sheen to your dogs coat, you can actually rub a chamois cloth all over her body. She will love the attention and will look great!!

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