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Figuring out an ideal clipper blade for the job can be a challenge. There are many to choose from these days. The right blade will make the process much smoother.

One Key Tip To Remember Dog “Blade Numbers”

Think about how long you want you dogs coat to be. Blade numbers are important to remember when deciding on your dogs length. Remember this tip, The smaller the blade number, the longer the dogs will be. Choosing a number 5 blade for your dog trimmers will leave the length at approximately 1/4th inch. A number 30 blade will shorten the to only 1/100th which makes the dog quite short. The most commonly used blade number is 10. This size blade tends to work at trimming the majority of coats quite well. Consider a blade number 5,7 or maybe a 15. These numbers tend to be used most often. If you are wanting to cut away matted hair, such as the little nuisance mats that develop on your pooches pads, a number 15 is used most often. For the heavily matted areas, it is best to choose a number 7. Use of a number 5 is best for lightly matted dog hair.

Another Dog Clipper Tip “Blade Cut”

There is what we call, a natural lie of the coat, when we cut against it, the length of the hair remaining, is referred to as the “Cut”. For instance, if the “CUT” is say 1/4th inch, than

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the dog’s fur will be 1/4 inch long. Going against the grain of the fur reduces the amount of hair by 50 percent. So it makes sense that going with the grain increases the dogs fur by 50 percent.

There Are ” Blade Categories”

Whether it be professional , inexpensive dog trimmers or dog grooming kits, all blades are categorized. One being the , another

a T blade also known as wide blades, and lastly, finish cut blades, or finishing blades. Remember that finishing blades are most commonly used just after bathing you pooch to “Finish” the cut and to blend fur patches that consist of long and short hair together. For large dog breeds, the T blades, or Wide blades are best because the cutting time is reduced considerably

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