Best Dog clippers, Plug-in or Rechargeable?

Best dog clippers

The decision to choose plug-in or rechargeable is based largely on the breed of you have. It just makes sense that some dogs need more grooming than others. There are a few things to think about before choosing the correct ones.

Tips For Choosing The Best Dog Clippers

Ask yourself, are you just wanting to neatly trim up you furry little friends four paws? Do you just want to tidy up a long hair that is out of place here or there on your pooch? If so, save some money and purchase a nice set of light-weight dog hair clippers. You don’t need to spend the extra for heavy duty clippers.

Dog grooming kit

On the other hand, if you want to maintain a nice thick doggy coat so you don’t want to be constantly taking your pooch to the groomers, than I would consider buying a middle of the road priced dog grooming kit or trimmers that come with a nice assortment of blades.

Now if you want to pay an even bigger price for dog trimmers, than you are looking at the . There are all kinds available out there. Decide whether you would like one speed or 3 speeds, a few blades or several blades, several clip-on combs or just one. Decide on trimmers verses outlet dependent clippers. clippers mean you can use them outdoors and are of course, more portable, but beware, that would mean you would need to make sure the charge lasted long enough to do want you needed to do, but the longer the battery charge, the more expensive the clippers.

Now, with outlet dependent types you would have no worries with running out of juice. If you had an outlet outdoors on the patio or in your garage, than it would make sense to choose non-cordless dog trimmers.

Professional dog clippers

Be sure to pick up lubricating oil, don’t forget the lube so you can keep your clippers in good working condition.

Choosing blades is a whole other article. Choosing the correct blades can be a bit of an art. I will go in to detail in another article. In choosing the proper combs, remember this tip, if you choose half-inch combs, you will get half-inch cuts. It is that simple!!

When purchasing clippers, combs are included. Generally the kits have 1 or 2 extra combs included. You can choose to buy combs separately if you need a special size for a specific job.

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