Dear Abby: Send puppy to school

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: My husband brought home a he couldn’t resist. I wanted to make him happy, so I didn’t object. We already have one dog. She’s calm, mature and well-trained. She is also used to our schedule (we both work full-time).

We have now decided to try for a baby. The puppy is only 5 months old, and even though it may take months to become pregnant, I’m worried it will be too much stress to train and care for a puppy while I’m pregnant. When I try to discuss this with my husband, he says, “Everything will work out.”

I want the best pregnancy possible, but I also don’t want to upset my husband by finding a new family for the puppy. What should I do?

– Illinois Dog Lover

Dog Lover: Talk to your husband again and stress to him the importance of seeing that the dog starts obedience classes. While it might be tempting to foist off the responsibility on your husband, you should both be involved so the dog will obey you both. With that accomplished, your pregnancy will be less stressful.

Don’t take it personally

Abby: I have been living with a man for 10 months. He is 70 and I am 59. Whenever we go to the grocery store, he winks and smiles at all the young, attractive women. Abby, I am fairly attractive for my age, and I don’t appreciate his making me feel disrespected this way.

Other than this, he makes me happy. Most of

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