How to Groom Your Dog

demonstrates how to prepare your dog for grooming.

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How To Groom Your Dog
is the most important basic needs to your dog and very important as a dog owner. Just like humans, need daily ph…
How To Groom Your Dog
Grooming a dog is not a straightforward procedure. The steps in the process will depend on a number of variables including size, c…
Grooming Your Dog: Assessing Condition, Washing Your Dog, Grooming Equipment, How to Groom Your Dog,
How do you your dog – Easy you just give it a good brushing – job done.Actually, no. Correct grooming will improve the appe…

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    • May 30, 2013

    BAH-HAHAH YA OKAY WAHL! Now did you sedate that dog before making this video? Oh god it hurts from laughing!

    • drayarealist50folife
    • May 30, 2013

    What kind of dog is this

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