Agricultural Dogs Sniff Out Illegal Produce

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There was a time when the dog stood amidst the most humblest of life’s predicaments.

He was confined to a kennel in Georgia, his days playing-out in a small concrete cell.

But this was one of those occasions where fate interceded, drawing open a rusted chain link door to an unpredicted path. In this case, ’s keen nose led him to a new life as an agriculture-sniffing canine sleuth.

finds a lot of things there’s no way we would’ve been able to find,” said Tino Menchaca, Hawkeye’s handler with the .

Hawkeye was enlisted as one of 13 dogs employed by California’s to unmarked shipping parcels; looking for plants, produce and seeds sent in defiance of the state’s agricultural quarantine.

The plants can harbor invasive insects that can pose a dire threat to California’s $ 43 billion agricultural industry.

“The dogs in this last fiscal year hit on 124 packages that had detrimental, nasty, nasty pests that we don’t

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