Dogs In Cars – Cheap Car Insurance, or a Liability?

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This article includes tips about In Cars. Taking a ride in their owner’s car is a treat for most , especially if the destination is a fun place. Even a trip to the local or shopping center will add a little excitement to his day and broaden his horizons.

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Puppy in Cars

Dogs in Cars

Puppyhood is when car-training should begin. Most puppies ride in a car for the first time when they come home for the first time, which is probably not the most ideal experience for them. The second ride should be made reassuring by going somewhere fun, like a short trip to a playground, or a quick trip around the neighborhood before returning home.

Wait a few hours after a full meal before taking your dog for a drive. Your dog should ride in the back seat when you’re driving – never on your lap. You can cover the seat with an old blanket or quilt, well tucked in. Plastic is good protection for the car seat, but is too slippery for a dog’s footing. Most in cars like looking out of the window, and if you lower it a few inches they can also enjoy the passing scents (we call it the “nasal rush”).

Small in Cars

Most small dogs in cars get bored during drives because it’s harder for them to see out the windows. Usually they just   curl up and take a nap. They also get car-sick more frequently, likely because they don’t have the visual distractions of larger dogs. Generally, if you keep your dog’s enthusiasm high, the car’s movement won’t affect them as much.

Leaving Dogs In Cars Alone

Dogs Driving Cars

Avoid leaving your dog alone in the car. But if you have to, hopefully it will only be for a few minutes. Be sure to:

  • Lock the cars doors and leave at least two windows open a few inches.
  • Park in a shady place, keeping in mind it might not be shady for very long (heat kills).
  • Use a sunshade in your window whenever possible.
  • Avoid leaving your dog in the car in an underground parking place or in a closed garage.
  • It should be repeated – never leave your dog for very long.

Older Dogs in Cars

Older dogs benefit from going for a drive, since it helps to keep them alert and interested in the outside world. If your dog is one of the youngsters who dashes to your side as soon as he hears the tinkle of the car keys, and sometimes even tries to stow away, try to give him this simple treat whenever possible. Just keep in mind that it is a fun diversion, and not a substitute for exercise and play.

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