Puppy’s illness upsets her owner

Puppy’s illness upsets her owner

A woman who bought a puppy at a pet store is upset because the dog is chronically ill.

She's blaming the in Vandalia and the breeder, who recently was added to a national list of the 100 most horrible put out by the .

There's no resulting from 's case, but officials with Chillicothe-based Petland said they will not do any more business with the breeder -- who only is accused of running a puppy mill -- until officials can inspect his property in Wayne County.

Petland's decision stems from News Center 7 Reporter Yuna Lee's investigation of Burton's story.

Since purchasing the $ 1,600 Pomeranian about a month ago, Burton said it's been non-stop visits to a vet because Sadie "has been sick since the day I got her."

Sadie has good days and bad days, Burton said, noting her pup at times "just gets so hot and overheated and she passes out, and she drops and can't move anymore."

Petland said all the things she wanted to hear when she got Sadie.

"She came with a three-year warranty and health warranty and as long as you use their vet," Burton said.

When Sadie began falling ill with diarrhea and vomiting, Burton said the vets with Petland became too difficult to deal with. So, she found another veterinarian.

That's when she learned her pup was diagnosed coccidia -- a parasitic type of infection that causes diarrhea in dogs -- and giardia -- a microscopic parasite that also causes a diarrheal .

Petland, for its part, claims it was Burton who became difficult to deal with and

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