Italian Greyhound – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Italian Greyhound

The dog is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

Breed Description

The is a little dog that is considered to be the smallest of the sight hounds. They usually weigh between 8-18 pounds, and stands around 13-15 inches at the withers. Although they are classified under the toy group due to their weight, they are larger than most of the other dogs under this category because of their slender bodies.


The short-coated Italian Greyhound has a fine fur. They look a lot like a smaller version of the greyhound as they have the usual coat texture and shine. This breed's skin looks supple, and the hair glossy, like satin.


An active breed, the Italian Greyhound requires daily vigorous exercise. They love to go on long walks and runs, and will do great with a yard with ample space for them to run around in. This fast and agile breed has the heart for running. But, the Italian Greyhound should always be kept on a leash, or in a securely fenced area as they tend to strode off if let loose.


The Italian Greyhound is generally calm, affectionate, and silent. They make great indoor pets, always wanting to cuddle up next to their owners on the couch or bed. They are not timid, yet may seem to shy away when strangers are around. This playful breed is a devoted and loving dog, with the inclination to please. are great with other pets, and gentle children. This breed is sensitive, so training should be gentle.


One of the favored companions of the women in the Middle Ages, the Italian Greyhound was used as a lap dog. But, this small breed is more than just a companion dog. Their speed, determination, and endurance make him a great family dog.


The short-coated Italian Greyhound is a breed that has almost no doggy odor. Bathing should be kept to a minimum. Although, they should be rubbed down with damp cloth every after walks. Teeth should be brushed daily, as they have sharp and thin jaw bones making them prone to periodontal diseases.


The high-strung yet sensitive Italian Greyhound may be difficult to handle. Professional training from an experienced Italian Greyhound trainer may be required. Housebreaking can as well be very challenging for this breed, despite their intelligence and eagerness to please. Obedience classes are highly recommended for this breed. Gentle, with firm and consistent training methods should be used as Italian Greyhounds tend to become very passive if taught in a harsh and heavy-handed manner.


Athletic and agile, the Italian Greyhound has a muscular body with graceful gait. This breed has the instinct needed for hunting, and tends to chase around anything that runs. This gentle breed is affectionate with family members, but may seem reserved around strangers.

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