U.S. Forest Fire cartoon speak for “Fire Bear” origins – Fire bears, cartoon spokesperson,

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The Karelian Dog is a dog breed being considered by the AKC for inclusion as a registered breed. The following article describes the breed.

?? “ century” a century the book records the rise and fall of American history Forestry, U.S. Forest records law, policy, technology, management and other aspects of the development survey, is a history of forestry development in developed countries witness. Inside story of a ” Fireproof Bear ” Story .

  ?? History turn back to the last century, the ongoing war. In 1942, a caused huge losses of state-owned forest areas. At that time, the U.S. Forest fire and fire-fighting equipment is very short. Caused by the war to defense Fire U.S. Forest Service to encourage ordinary citizens to participate Forest Fire Being.

? ?? This encouraging, of course not just a simple call, dry piece of paper, nor is it empty boring mobilization. It then opened a national forest fire prevention campaign in the curtain. A charade of those, in fact, different for the formality of the campaign, Americans have been exploring how to really make awareness of fire prevention enjoys popular support.

? At first, fire sign that war with the slogan. In 1944, when he was director of war-time forest fire prevention project designed to bear the image of the fire. A famous American artist, the first only the fire. The next year, issued the first Fire Bear Advertisement , Fire Xiongxiang Lin splash image for the first time the fire appeared in press.

? One called Rudy’s naval veterans will soon emerge as fire the image of ambassador. Fire his writing until after retirement are to continue. Another well-known artists forestry Harry, just a month on the creation of the four fire Bear cartoons.

? To 1950, the fire is no longer just the people that bear a pattern of the pen.

Fire Members found in a fire a burning tree trunk lying on the Cubs. The only survivors of the disaster only to be named Bear live fire, and sent to the National Zoo healing. Over the past 26 years, when it left this world, people will be the year it was found buried in the place, and a piece of legislation on the rocks Copper Monument, its documented this extraordinary experience.

? 1952, the Forest Service adopted a Bill of fire prevention bear. Which provides, without permission, and no business license, the prohibition of fire and bear sign printed with fire Clothing . Forest Service fire allowed to charge royalties for forest fire prevention bear fund.

? Americans fire has thought of everything. First, a toy company manufactured the first batch of wool fire bear toy. Each toy comes with a card, complete return of young children can become members of forest protection. Just three years, the ranks of young rangers 50 million on expansion.

Moreover, adults also encourage children to write fire bears, and gives fire prevention bear a special zip code – 20252. Fire Bear 40th birthday, the United States Postal Service has issued a special stamp.

? Publicity and popularity are numerous forms of fire prevention bear. Advertising, film, television, comic books, pins, calendars, pocket calendars, Label , Exhibition, balloons, etc. nothing to do. Fire bear costume design is continuously developing.

? In the fire prevention bear ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first fire bear advertising as the most successful in American history on display ads. In a series of commemorative activities, there is a particularly meaningful slogan contest. Winning is the ultimate slogan is: Remember, fire prevention bear, 50 years old!

? An opinion poll showed that 98% of people can recognize a picture of fire on the bear. This is American propaganda and perseverance to carry out fire prevention bear made the most direct effect. Bear fire story, it should be said to be propaganda, dissemination of one of the most effective examples.

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