English Foxhound: Facts You Must Know Before Adopting English Foxhound

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.


The Foxhound has short and hard coat that is generally easy to groom. Due to their light coat, they are not able to tolerate extreme climates. A mixture of black, white, tan in a tri-colored coat is usually seen. There can also be white combined with another color, like yellow, orange, and the like.


The requires a great deal of time to exercise and run around. They love to run around, and they should be taken out whenever possible. Exercise should be constant and consistent for this breed. If they do not get the sufficient activity level they need, behavioral problems may arise.


Originally bred as a pack hound, the English Foxhound gets along well with other dogs and loves human companionship. They get along well with children, other dogs, and animals, proving true that they are amiable, tolerant, and placid breed. They are very active breed, and really enjoy hunting.


The English Foxhound is a well-built breed with great stamina. Primarily used as hunters, this breed is able to work for hours without taking breaks on different terrains. Bred for their enthusiasm, speed, and good voice for calling on their masters, their bark is very distinctive and can easily be recognized from afar. They have amazing endurance, and are able to run for quite some time.


The English Foxhound is normally a slow shedder if groomed properly, making those great for those with allergies. Grooming needs are not that high for this breed. Occasional brushing with a wipe down of a damp cloth keeps their coat healthy and clean.

Ears should be regularly checked and should be kept dry and clean to keep chances for infection down.


Training the athletic English Foxhound requires an active method of training. Controlling this breed should start with establishing the authority of the trainer as this breed has an idea of the pack order, and will look for your position in it. If authority is not claimed by the owner, handlers may have trouble with training as they will not look up to them for guidance.

It is important to remember that the English Foxhound only wants to have fun during training sessions. This is a good time to include their natural hunting skills by taking them on actual hunts. Trainers should be creative in including fun with training to keep your dogs interested. Training the English Foxhound generally require a lot of effort on the part of the owner, but once trained, they are more than willing to listen and follow the commands from their pack leader.


The English Foxhounds are generally strong, lively, and active. They are great with children, and other dogs, yet prone to hunt and chase animals with the same size as that of the foxes.

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