Pets: Make sure puppy is neutered

Q: My daughter adopted a young . He’s a great little dog except that he mounts every animal he gets near. This isn’t a constant thing, but it happens often enough. Is there something we can do to curtail this behavior? – J.T., Cyberspace

A: “Of course, this could be the start of if the puppy is not ,” says Dr. , a veterinary behaviorist in Thornhill, Ont. “If the dog is neutered, it is still what normal sometimes do, and young dogs particularly because it feels good, and they haven’t perhaps yet learned appropriate play protocol. Try allowing your dog to play, but with a leash on. When your puppy seems to be having ‘too much fun’ with other dogs, if you get my drift, calmly walk away with him. Over time, the dog will learn that mounting means play must stop.”

Of course, if the behavior really gets obnoxious, an adult dog may put your pup in his place – and that will be that.

Q: Does the Thundershirt help to calm cats as well as dogs? – T.G., Tampa, Fla.

A: A Thundershirt is a vest that fits snuggly around a pet. For many , it helps decrease anxiety, and for several years now has been used as a tool for dogs fearful of thunderstorms, fireworks, car travel and for other problems such as separation anxiety. Now, there is a Thundershirt for cats.

“Some cats feel frozen when wearing it,” however, Landsberg warns. “They may

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Puppy Love

, , Jamison Jones, Kali Rocha. After moving with her homesick daughter to a new town, a young single mother decides to surprise her by adopting a dog. When the dog’s original owner shows up to reclaim him, sparks fly and an unforeseen romance ensues. Closed-captioned.

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