English Setter: Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Your English Setter

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The dog an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.


They have short, dense, and straight coat that comes in black and white, lemon and white, orange and white, liver and white, or tri-colored.


The requires a long brisk walk or jog daily. They make good running companion, or alongside a bicycle.


The English Setter people-oriented and breed. They are best suited for families that are able to give them attention and supervised exercise.  


Originated in France, the English Setter the cross between the French Pointer and Spanish Pointer. They were then transported to Great Britain where they got perfected. They were originally not used for hunting, until an Englishman made a hunting strain for this breed. Currently, they are still used as gundogs, and they are also popular show breeds.


The English Setter requires regular brushing and combing for their coats to be in tiptop condition. Checking for tangles should be done, and extra care should be given during shedding periods. Bathing and dry shampooing should be done only when absolutely necessary. Trimming the on the bottom of their feet should be done regularly, as well as clipping the nails.


Training the English Setter should begin early on, and should emphasize on adapting this breed to housetraining rules and to other household pets. The English Setter loves spending their time outside, and do not take housebreaking easily. It usually takes months for them to get trained in this area alone. Other children and animals should be introduced to this breed as early as possible, as their natural instinct may easily take over if they are not socialized early.

Although this breed doesn't really have a violent tendencies even as hunters, it would be really disturbing for families to see them sneaking around for cats regularly.

Physical Commands should be taught on the early phase of training, together with housebreaking and socialization. It should be introduced slowly, as the English Setter's bones and joints are still developing, so too stressful physical activity during puppyhood may lead to problems with the bones and joints as time goes by.

All in all, handlers should always keep in mind to use positive techniques with reward and motivation as English Setters do not appreciate negative methods and could result to counterproductive dog.


The English Setter an endearing and gentle breed, yet can also be strong-willed, as experienced handling is important for this breed. They should be given the right training, environment, and socialization for this breed to make a great companion. They have great pointing instinct, and are best with households that them a task to fulfill regularly. They make wonderful hunting and pointing companions.

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