Chinese Shar-Pei – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Chinese Shar-Pei

The is an AKC registered . The following article reviews the breed.

With their distinctive hippopotamus-like head, and wrinkly skin, is a mid-sized dog with dignified stature. This breed weighs an average between 40-65 pounds, and stands 18-20 inches tall.


The Shar-Pei has a very harsh coat which distinguishes them from other breeds. Their coat is straight, off-stands the main trunk of their body, but generally lies relatively flat on their limbs. Their coat looks healthy without being lustrous or shiny. Acceptable colors for this breed are fawn, cream, black, and red.


The has a considerable activity requirement. They need outdoor activities and will be more placid and happy indoors if they are given enough exercise outside. Since they originated as fighting dogs, they should always be kept on a leash and supervised as to avoid fighting or confrontation with other dogs. Due to their padded head, they tend to be sensitive to heat. So, owners have to keep in mind to always bring water or access to shade when outside.


is generally a devoted and a loving family dog. Despite their gentle nature, this breed can often be suspicious of strangers, with came from their primary role as guardians. They can be accepting of strangers if given proper introduction early on, and if socialized. If, however, poorly socialized and trained, they can be territorial and very hostile. They are typically a silent breed. They bark only when playing or if something is worrying them. Protective of their family and property, the Shar-Pei is a powerful dog that will be eager to guard their family members no matter what.


The Chinese Shar-Pei, “Shar Pei” having the literal meaning of Sand Skin, is known for great power and wrinkly skin.

They make great watchdog and are oftentimes intimidating. A very loyal, devoted and powerful, this is a good-natured breed that makes a wonderful companion for an experienced owner.


The Chinese Shar-Pei's coat should be regularly brushed. Their coat is never trimmed. Molting leaves the dog looking untidy. So, bathing should be done once a week with daily brushing during molting period.


Training and socializing the Chinese Shar-Pei should start at a very young age. Due to their tendency to be aggressive towards other dogs, they should be accustomed to being around other animals early on. Socialization is important to minimize their hostile nature, or else they will be hostile and shy/aggressive around strangers.

The Chinese Shar-Pei can be stubborn and dominant, making training relatively difficult. Handlers should be strong, consistent and direct to train this breed. They need firm handling, and can be defiant in family settings since they respond only to the commands of their pack leader.  


The Chinese Shar-Pei is a dignified, intelligent and placid dog, yet can be watchful, quick to alert their owners of whatever is happening. Ideal as guardians or watch dog, this breed has strong protective instincts. So, if you are to make them household pets, they should be socialized early on to avoid excessive shyness and being overprotective.

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Romeo the Chinese Shar Pei at 9 weeks old in HD

Video of my shar pei Romeo at 9 weeks in HD messing around in the backyard again.

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