Airedale Terrier Dog Breed Information

The is an AKC registered dog . The following article reviews the breed.

The Airedale Terrier originated during the 1800's as a hunting dog. This of the is quite the versatile hunter and is the largest of the . These dogs were bred hundreds of years ago to be rat, badger, fox, and otter hunters, as well as bird retrievers. Not only are Airedale Terriers excellent hunters but they are great family companions. This dog is a great guardian and protector and is often used as a police dog. When not hunting or working with police, the is a great family pet because they are intelligent, playful, and protective companions.

Being a larger dog breed, these playful and lively dogs need a good amount of daily exercise to remain happy and healthy. They are great companions for active families, those who live with older children, experienced dog handlers, outdoor enthusiasts, and even seniors.  Their wire hair requires brushing every few days and to keep their hair from matting, it is beneficial to groom their hair every month or two. Typically, Airedale Terrier male's weight between fifty to sixty five pounds and females weigh between forty and forty five pounds. The average life span of this dog breed is about ten to twelve years and their litter sizes are about eight to nine puppies.

Some common health concerns of Airedale Terriers are hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and gastric torsion. Although there is a chance of these condition not occurring to every dog, it is important to keep up with vet checkups, providing them with plenty of exercise, enrolling them with dog insurance, and feeding them properly.

Gastric torsion is a very serious condition in which the stomach twists over itself causing food blockage, bloat, tight chest, vomiting, gagging, pacing, and shallow breathing. This life threatening condition is treated with surgery but can be quite costly; therefore it may be helpful to look into dog insurance before this condition takes place. Hip dysplasia is another common condition in larger dogs such as the Airedale Terrier and it is when the hip joint does not work properly because the ball and socket do not fit into one another causing lameness, arthritis, and mobility issues in the pet.

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