The Wondrous Border Collie Dogs

The dog is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

Thinking of owning a collie? Maybe you need to check some amazing facts and hard truths about this breed before considering one. First of all you need to know something about the name. Why are they called collie dogs in the first place? Well, just keep in mind that they originated from the border of and Scotland. Maybe there is a problem with regard to the specific origin so they just kindly divide the house and consider the border. The breed is popular there due to their excellent dog guarding skills. Being considered as one of the most intelligent and active breed in the canine world they make excellent companions in farms especially for herding sheep.

dogs have been doing this job well for over 200 years. Many people said that their sight does the spell with the sheep hypnotizing them so they would follow the collie. Although this breed belongs to the medium size and some sheep may even outgrow it in size, the Border collie is never bothered. usually reach a height of 21 inches for females and 22 for males. They have double coats which can either be slick or lush and mostly black, white, red, sable, tan, blue, or a combination of these colors. Probably one of the main reasons why they are mostly used in fields and farms is due to their very active nature.

Make sure you have a wide lawn to provide exercise and other physical canine activities otherwise the collie may be bored and do other things instead- some things you might not want. Another consideration is with regard to its behavior which is mostly attentive and observant but with a little mischief and naughtiness. This breed also demands a lot of attention and would tend to have a destructive behavior when they are left on their own.

This unwanted and destructive dog behavior includes chewing shoes, mats, and other furniture. You have to remember that this temperament is normal to Border collie dogs so make sure that you would be ready to provide for its demands because you will be obliged to take it out for long walks, and a lot of physical activities like jumping and fetching.

You must be able to provide lots of activities so it has something to focus on. Do not be lured by their cute appearance because they do not mingle well with children which can be the result of their domineering nature which is great for sheep but not for children. So if you are thinking of having this breed as a pet then make sure that you won't be controlled by its character. You need not worry about training because it can easily absorb the things that you will teach it. Border collie dogs are one of the world's smartest dogs, remember? Just make sure that you would be consistent with the training and you will use a lot of positive reinforcements like treats and rewards for every learning to keep it motivated.

Actually what makes a good combination you and your collie would be your personality. Choose the pet that fits you not because you like its appearance or someone suggested it to you.

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