American Foxhound: American Foxhound – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting American Foxhound

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

The is very much alike with its British cousin. They are both like a large and tall beagle, although the Foxhound is slightly taller and thinner. The average weighs 65-75 pounds, and about 21-25 inches tall at the withers.


Excessively soft coat is considered a liability for American Foxhound show dogs since their coat is usually close, but a bit wiry. The only fluffiness allowed in show foxhounds is a little poofing out at the peak of the tail. Any color is acceptable in this breed. Although almost all are pie-balled with a blotch of black on the back, and white legs highlighted with tan on the trunk.


The American Foxhound is not suitable for urban living. Ideally, this breed should have the opportunity to track or hunt with their owner. But if they don't have access to the preferred terrain, routine exercise in the yard, or frequent walks are a for hounds.

Apartment life is not suited for American Foxhound for they are prone to be restless and destructive when bored. Though they are not an aggressive breed, they will be disparaging on a typical household when they are left alone for too long without exercise.


Affectionate, energetic, eager, and brave, the American Foxhound generally gets along well with other dogs and children. But, their reaction towards strangers varies widely. Some are over protective, while others welcome visitors with pleasure. It is imperative to remember that hounds are natural pack-hunting breed, and may not be the ideal family companion. has the tendency to be hard to housebreak, and are most fitted for active families, and those who enjoy hunting.


are direct descendant of French and hounds, and this breed was used to seek out Indians.

In later years, they were recognized for their talent to hunt wild animals. Hounds were never bred to be only a household pet. Rather, they are popular with wealthy families who enjoyed fox hunting for their natural hunting instinct.


Frequent brushing and combing is needed with a firm bristle brush. Bathing American Foxhound should only be done when necessary. It is essential to regularly check the ears of this breed for debris. This breed is fairly healthy, although they tend to gain weight if overfed.


The American Foxhound is highly intelligent, though not always responsive to training. They are known to be fun-loving and happy dogs. They are known to be difficult to housebreak, and resistant to potty-training. Foxhounds are naturally social creatures. They allow owners to be in authority, as long as dominance is maintained in their pack.

Although they respond well to positive reinforcement, punishment makes them confused. But, firm, calm, consistent training, substantial exercise daily, and consistent leader of the pack, surely minimizes behavior issues for this breed.


An athletic and sleek breed, the American Foxhound has great stamina. They are known as scent hounds, and will follow any scent regardless of commands. American Foxhounds are generally sociable, tolerant, and active.

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