German Longhaired Pointer: Haier refrigerators as the German magazine’s “cover star” – The Haier refrigerator, th

The is a dog breed being considered by the AKC for inclusion as a registered breed. The following article describes the breed.

?? Haier launched Casa Imperial Italian 3

Once again the star of the European market

Home Network News HC : Recently, the German professional Home Appliances Magazine “” position in the of the German consumer recommended three Casa Imperial Italian three , refrigerator brand that is the first time the magazine recommended. It is reported that as a high-end sub-brand, Casa Imperial refrigerator with original design has become the world's refrigerator industry's star product.

Germany “,” Journal of the local home appliance market benchmark. With the German market for household appliances authentic investigative reporting, for the local consumers when purchasing appliances provide impartial practical advice and guidance, and therefore most influential consumer groups.

Into a German magazine's “cover star” (

HC Network With map) Casa Imperial Italian three refrigerators in the European market to attract the outstanding performance of the “household appliance market,” Journal of concern. According to market research agency GFK world authority figures released by the first quarter, Germany, France, Britain and other mainstream market, air-cooled combined total capacity of the refrigerator is expected to decline 0.9%, but the launch of Casa Imperial Haier Italian 3 refrigerator in the first quarter but up 39% to achieve high growth, showing a strong product competitiveness and consumer cohesion.

“Household appliance market,” Emperor of the Casa Italian three refrigerator for a detailed and comprehensive description.

Stylish, modern design, easy to use, energy efficiency, many obvious advantages to become crowned the cover of reasons. Colorful appearance in the dress up the kitchen, but also for the users of the different experiences. In Germany, the colors, designs and clean easily affect the user to select the main factors in the refrigerator. German users like the butter, eggs, vegetables and so on stored in the refrigerator, more like the removable storage space … … Casa Imperial Italian 3 refrigerator just to meet these needs, convenient drawer-type design, collapsible put things frame, this “tailor” the refrigerator is also achieved A + + energy efficiency standards, full compliance with low-carbon

Energy Concept of consumer life, so it caused a huge public sensation, sales climb, but also succeeded in increasing the Casa Imperial Germany's reputation in the high-end brands.

Casa Imperial Italian 3 Haier refrigerator condensation wisdom of global R & D resources for innovation. The drawer design a good way of life to meet the consumer demand for convenient, high-capacity design will easily accommodate a variety of

Food The demand for fresh refrigerated. Listing has been awarded the European “red dot grand prize,” the German “PlusX Award” and many other top international awards. Germany's IFA 2009 show, this refrigerator was awarded the “Global Leadership Award” of the glory.

Casa Imperial Italian three refrigerator has repeatedly recommended by the media. Prior to that, covering all of France's second largest magazine “60million” published in the latest consumer satisfaction survey results refrigerator, in a survey of 11 products, Haier introduced Casa Imperial Italian three refrigerators, the largest domestic brand in France whitecaps and


Swept the top three. From the price point of view, the French consumer satisfaction more than for the high-end refrigerators refrigerator. Among them, the Haier refrigerator price of 700 euros to become most expensive refrigerator, refrigerator price of 500 euros Brownsea ranks second, Electrolux sells for 400 euros. This, by the German magazine as a “cover stars” were recommended, while this refrigerator is the original design and to give another positive market performance.

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