Proposed ban on ‘puppy mill’ pet stores

– Local animal rights are trying to put some pet stores out of business. They want retail shops purchasing cats, dogs and rabbits from factory farms or ‘ mills' to be shut down.

Companion Animal Protection Society, or CAPS, is a group aimed to educate pet owners about puppy mills and pet stores who buy from them.

Along Mission Gorge Road in Grantville, the group has even went as far as paying for a billboard that warns people about buying from pet shops linked to puppy mills. The billboard sits right next to San Diego Puppy, a Grantville pet store.

“It's a strategic location,” explains Sydney Cicourel, a coordinator for the organization. “We've had six complaints from [San Diego Puppy] alone. Some of the puppies have died.”

That is why Cicourel is working with other animal rights groups to push a citywide ordinance that would ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits bred from puppy mills or factory farms.

A city of San Diego committee is poised to consider the ban Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the city's administration building. The public hearing will allow both sides of the debate to weigh in on the issue.

, who owns San Diego Puppy, calls the efforts a smear campaign against pet shops like his that he says do not support puppy mills.

“I know the opposition has certain tactics that they try to use to defame me, whether it's character assassination, posting my name and saying that I'm an animal abuser… that's ridiculous,” Salinas said. “It's nothing but a competition and that's the way we see it. If you ban pet stores, you take away another source, another place

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    The Nylabone chews are wonderful for your puppy for about 1 month. We bought a border collie who just loves to chew and for the 1st month these were perfect for him to start chewing those (Not our shoes, hands, etc.) Once your puppy is about 2 months you might want to get him/her a different style of bone because the beacon flavors once break apart into a million pieces all over the floor. So we had to up grade our pup to an adult chew. But these are great to get your pup started!

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    My dog choked on the Edible Bone, November 27, 2011
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    This review is from: Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy Starter Kit (Grocery)

    Warning to other dog owners: the edible Nylabones are extremely dangerous for dogs with a big & greedy appetite. My dog swallowed it whole within 30 seconds of giving it to her and choked on it. She was fully unconscious before I could dislodge the bone and breathe into her nose to bring her back to life… We almost lost her over this bone. If your dog is a greedy chewer or eater, then please don’t buy edible Nylabones.

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    2 out of 3 ain’t bad, August 10, 2011
    By (Bay Area, CA) –

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    This review is from: Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy Starter Kit (Grocery)

    I got my 3 month old puppy this starter set. Like most reviewers, my puppy:
    a: chewed on the flexi-chew chicken bone for a long time
    b: ignored the white durachew bone
    c: devoured the edible chew bacon bone

    I will definitely buy her the flexi-chew bones. People are right about the pieces breaking off in chunks larger than `rice’ size, but the package says that “rice-sized pieces should pass.” I don’t think that means it will break in rice-sized pieces; it means that in the event a rice-sized piece breaks off and the dog swallows it, it should pass…should I type rice-sized piece one more time? I just did. My pup chewed off pieces that were consistently larger than rice-sized (Oh! Did it again!) and spent a good 5min. trying to chew each piece down if I could not stick my fingers in her throat to grab it. I crate my pup and would not let her have this bone in the crate because of the pieces that break off. Also, it is down to a size that would easily fit in her mouth so that she could attempt to swallow, which means it is going in the garbage for a brand new one.

    The white durachew bone will be saved for when she has her adult teeth and wants to chew on something forever.

    The edible bacon bone will be left in the wind since she gets treats as it is. I was honestly thinking, “WTF?” when she crushed it in 5min until I realized it was the edible chew. She loved it, but it might’ve spoiled her dinner…probably not, but still…it’s funny to think that.

    Anyway, is it worth it to get this pack? Yes. One Nylabone is about $4. You get this pack for about $7. If your pup doesn’t go for the durachew now, s/he will in a month or 2 (depending on age). You can also see how your pup reacts to the bacon bone: okay potties or loose potties. Then, you have an idea of where you should you invest your money.

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