Releases Its Top 200 Dog-Friendly Places in the United States and Canada for 2013

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ANCHOR POINT, Alaska, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — .com (, a publisher of dog travel guides, announced its 2013 list of the Top 200 Dog-Friendly Places in the . This list includes places in each state and also includes Canadian pet-friendly destinations. Included on the list are resort hotels that not only allow your dog but have amenities like doggy room service, dog activities, pet sitting and welcome baskets for dogs. Also, .com’s favorite dog-friendly beaches, parks and off-leash dog parks are included in the list. Favorites are the Carmel City Beach, where dogs are allowed off-leash on a popular beach for people, San Diego Dog Beach, Jekyll Island Beaches in Georgia and Maryland’s Assateague Island where you may also see some wild horses.  Arcadia National Park, , Yosemite and the Grand Canyon are the most pet-friendly National Parks. There are a number of famously dog-friendly restaurants such as Jordon Pond House in Maine, Portabella in Carmel, California, and Portland’s Lucky Labrador. Also highlighted are many boat tours such as Chicago’s Mercury Canine Cruises and Alexandria Virginia’s Potomac Riverboat, which offers tours of the Potomac in Washington.

“This is a sampling of the best dog-friendly places in the U.S. and ,” says Len Kain, Editor of .com. “We tried to make sure the list included top places in all 50 states and many provinces as well, so that there is something convenient to everyone. Each place on the list deserves to be highlighted as a top place for people with pets to visit.”

Also included are a number of very dog-friendly shopping centers such as New York City’s

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