Exercising Your German Shorthaired Pointer

The Pointer is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

are a rather intelligent, happy and quite energetic. They aim to please their owner and enjoy the family environment. Due to their active nature exercise and training of this breed is extremely important in order to avoid unwanted behavior.

They need ample opportunities throughout the day to release their energy with interesting things to do. If they are not provided with enough mental stimulation or exercise they may become bored and rambunctious, which is generally displayed in their destructive behavior and continuous barking. They are well suited to large backyards to run around and vent off excess energy, and they are also great as working on large properties or farms.

Owning a puppy is always exciting, but with it comes challenges and adjustments. Here are some suggested ways you can train and exercise your German Shorthaired Pointer. Train your puppy routines from where to get their water and food through to where their bed is located as well as where they can go to the toilet. This is generally taught at 8 – 12 weeks of age. With any training and exercise your pet should be taught some commands from no, stay, come etc…

Remember owning a Pointer whether a puppy or adult, they are extremely energetic and excitable, and should not be taken too lightly. As apart of their daily routine, incorporate a few leash walks with some use of commands to get them used to walking with you without dragging you and some fun play time with them to zap up some of that extra energy.

If you are away from them during the day make sure you have some interesting play things to do in that time or you'll find they'll get bored and destructive. This breed loves ball and chasing games. So be aware if you do have other pets like cats be sure to introduce them at a young age as they'll enjoy chasing them. Once they have established the basic commands and respect within the family dynamics it will be a lot easier to take your pet out to the park for play time.

If you live on a large property be sure to include them with your daily duties. They make great working dog as they were previously known for their hunting abilities and since they are eager to please they will enjoy the time spent with their owner working.

enjoy doing tasks with you, something that keeps them busy and will excel in exercise and activities such as tracking trials, hunting tests and other field trials and training.

Keeping your pet well exercised will keep them healthy as well as a great companion and family member for all. They are a loveable breed that responds well to training when kept in shape and will benefit their longevity and well being.

Lea Mullins suggests how to give proper exercise to your German Shorthaired Pointer. Learn about different Dog Breeds from TrainPetDog.com.

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