Hmmm. Yaz, or Not? Good Question.

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Seems like every day we read about problems and adverse reactions of the transvaginal mesh and of the combination oral contraceptive . Both have resulted in the filing of pharmaceutical injury lawsuits. In fact, the yaz lawsuit has become so predominant it’s almost scary.

The will perform a study designed to compare the safety and efficacy of a commercially available mesh kit used for surgical repair of anterior vaginal wall prolapse with traditional suture repair surgery.

, the maker of the estrogen/progestin combination oral contraceptive Yaz, will sponsor a study is to assess safety and efficacy of using Yaz in clinical practice. A total 3,000 patients will be recruited and followed 3 years since starting Yaz administration.

The following are adverse reactions linked to taking Yaz:

Women who have experienced telltale complications associated either with taking Yaz or with implantation of the transvaginal mesh may be entitled to compensation. If you need to learn more about the yaz settlement you should check out more detailed information at

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