Teaching a Chinese Shar-Pei Dog Tricks

The is an AKC registered . The following article reviews the breed.

your dog certain will not only enhance your control over your dog, but it will also improve the quality of life of your dog. your dog different means a good communication between you and your pet as it improves the vocabulary of your pet on one way or another. To some extent they also help you to avoid and settle many different problems in your dog.

One thing you need to keep in mind while training your dog is to keep yourself as clear as possible to your dog. Be polite and don't be harsh for any wrong act as your pet need sometime to learn things. Your good attitude will definitely encourage your dog to learn and also help him to obey your orders willingly. Reward is a key to learning. Use reward as lure to compel your dog to obey your order and learn quickly. A smile or even a giggle will perhaps enough to serve as a reward for your dog, when he obeys your order properly.

Shar-Pei Dog

It has been seen that many people are afraid of the dogs for one reason or another. Some are afraid of their big sizes and others just don't like their looks. But performing tricks can make most of the people smile or giggle. The difference is some people like dogs and some simply don't. It has been seen that those who are uneasy with dogs or the one who don't like dogs, put the dog on edge through their responses, eventually causing your dog to back off and bark. There are ways to change the people attitude towards your dog. Tie a pink ribbon to your dog's collar and carry out all kind of tricks on your walk and in the park. Soon, you will soon realize a changed attitude of people towards your friendly pet performing different tricks to amuse them.

Speak and Shush

The first trick which you can teach your dog is to speak and shush.

As for any other trick, the success largely depends on the reward or an effective lure which can be used as reward. Let's take an example of dog barking on doorbell. Say ‘Speak' to your dog when bell rings, and reward him for barking. Then after few woofs, ask your dog to ‘Shush' and move reward back and forth under his nose, and then appreciate him for obeying you for being quiet. Offer him a reward for his good work.

Play Bow

Another trick which you can teach your dog is to ‘Bow'. When your dog is in standing posture, say him to ‘Bow'. Keep the lure in between his forepaws and appreciate the dog's effort, then raise the lure and offer him a reward. Keep repeating this for several days so that the dog learns this trick properly.

Be a Bear

Be a Bear is a trick where dog sits up on his haunches, i.e. with bent paws and palm down. Lift the lure upwards and backwards along the top of the dog's muzzle. Reward your dog for obeying and repeat this process with extending time to make your dog learn this trick properly.

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