Puppy believed beaten, thrown in a trash can

– An eight-week old tan and white puppy left to die in a trash can was found Wednesday morning. Officials today reported the puppy, who suffered a broken jaw, was likely beaten or kicked.

“She definitely would have died from her injuries [if she hadn't been found.] She couldn't eat and was very dehydrated. Infection had already set in,” said Director Amy Lewis. She said they believe the puppy was left in the trash can for a couple of days.

Niagara Falls Police were contacted by Modern Disposal yesterday morning after two of their sanitation workers found the puppy in the trash can in the 600 block of 30th Street.

Lewis said the puppy had a broken jaw and a cracked molar. It was taken for dental surgery today at Town and Country Animal Hospital in Buffalo. Lewis said the veterinarian who examined the dog said that the injuries were likely inflicted by a human.

“We believe she was struck by something or was possibly kicked. Most of the injuries are to the head. There are some abrasions on her leg,” Lewis said.

Police and the SPCA of Niagara are looking for a suspect who could face aggravated animal cruelty charges. Anyone with information is asked to contact the SPCA of Niagara at 731-4368 or Niagara Falls police at 286-4711.

The SPCA of Niagara is also looking for donations to cover surgery on the puppy, which was expected to cost $ 2,000, according to Lewis. More information is also available on Facebook at SPCA of Niagara or www.niagaraspca.org.

email: nfischer@buffnews.com

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    • lacostef50
    • April 26, 2013

    thank you man

    • freezerchick
    • April 26, 2013

    That momma dog is adorable!

    • Ocelot923
    • April 26, 2013

    i am a dude, and i am an unabashed softy for dogs =)

    • Andrea Patane
    • April 26, 2013

    That’s so cute. Thank god that you finally rescued the puppy. Is it a boy or a girl?

    • Sandwichscoot
    • April 26, 2013


    • moshikitty30
    • April 26, 2013

    Poor puppy, he/she must have been cold!

    • Tahseen Ahmed
    • April 26, 2013

    i swear to my life every time i see video like this i start cry because this videos fully with mercy and humanity i wish my ppl (iraqi ppl) have 1% just 1% of mercy that you guys have, wish you and every single human who have merciful heart all happiness and all good things, i am atheist and i want to say if there is god then… GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    • marifer ramirez
    • April 26, 2013

    that was on my birthday!!! 

    • cuppycakes123204
    • April 26, 2013


    • JCYjjang
    • April 26, 2013

    Awww… poor thing D’:

    • opu haq
    • April 26, 2013

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    • Makor Vuckovic
    • April 26, 2013

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    • Petru Gabureanu
    • April 26, 2013

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    • Rakesh Thapa
    • April 26, 2013

    This kind of clip is why I check out Youtube. They always make me laugh.

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    • saj33na
    • April 26, 2013

    Things such as this make Youtube incredible. I usually chuckle my ass off.

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    • Jack langdon
    • April 26, 2013

    I disliked this only because it was sooooooo un dislikeable

    • AmericanPoliceState
    • April 26, 2013

    Its sad that we would dig up a street just to save a small puppy yet we kill each other over patches of dirt and bits of shiny rock, green paper and black sludge called Oil.

    • Nandan Mimani
    • April 26, 2013

    How did that puppy get in soooooooo deep

    • shootomatic
    • April 26, 2013

    i bet the home owner is glad he didnt have to sleep listening to a puppy slowly die

    • Thomas Clarke
    • April 26, 2013

    Ho the fuck putted a puppy ther

    • Delta Crimson
    • April 26, 2013

    I cried.

    • CABubb88
    • April 26, 2013


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