Australian Shepherd – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Australian Shepherd

The American is a dog breed being considered by the AKC for inclusion as a registered breed. The following article describes the breed.

The is a robust, rustic, well-balanced dog. Contrary to its name, the Aussie did not originate in . They were named after the Basque shepherds who came to the United States of America from . They belong to the herding group that was developed in Western United States. The average weighs 21-23 inches, and stands 18-21 inches.  


The Shepherd has an attractive, varied coat. Their coat is straight to wavy, weather resistant, and of moderate length. The undercoat sheds twice a year, with medium shedding in between these periods. The acceptable colors for their coats are black, red, blue merle, and red merle. Various tan and white specks may appear on the front, chest, face, and rear legs.


Highly energetic, this breed requires plenty of extensive exercise to stay mentally, and physically healthy. As working dogs, they do best when given jobs to do. Highly intelligent, and craves a good challenge, they demand invigorating long walks daily. The enjoys running or jogging alongside their owners. This breed tends to become restless and vicious if not given enough exercise.


The Australian Shepherd has a very strong herding instinct. They should be taught that not all people appreciate being herded. Lively, intelligent, and agile, they are known to be one person, one family dog. This breed is highly suspicious to strangers, and are great protectors making them excellent guard dogs.


The Australian Shepherd is born versatile, making them useful in ranches and farms as a retriever, watchdog, and herding dog.

Often referred to as “The Aussie”, this breed is intelligent, loyal, and delightful.


The Australian Shepherd is relatively easy to groom. They need little attention, brushing regularly with a firm bristle brush and bathing only if necessary.

The Australian Shepherd is prone to a multitude of diseases. The genes for the color merle carry a deaf/blind factor. Make sure to check the hearing on these puppies. It is important to have hip and eye exams, too. The offspring of a natural bobtail to natural bobtail breeds usually has serious spinal defects. This breed is known for acquiring cataracts, CEA, CHD, Pelger-Huet Syndrome, Nasal Solar dermatitis, lumbar sacral syndrome, distichiasis, and epilepsy. Some may be sensitive to ivermectin, but dosage for heartworm prevention is considered safe.


The Aussie is relatively easy to train. They do best with early socialization and basic obedience. It is imperative for them to who the boss is as they tend to take control. Requiring firm, fair, consistent and effective guidance, their keen learning ability and high intelligence make repetitive training uninteresting. So, owners may try various training methods to keep them from getting bored.


The Australian Shepherd has a distinctive characteristic of a docked or natural bobtail. Their eyes are the most commented on their feature. Coming in various colors, or color combinations, their eyes may be amber, blue, hazel, and all shades of brown. This is known to be an energetic, athletic breed.

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