Giant Schnauzer: Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Giant Schnauzer

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

Breed Description

The is a short squarely-built dog that is a larger and stronger variety of the . Also known as the Riesenschnauzer, this hard working dog is the largest Schnauzer that averagely stands from 23.5-27.5 inches at the shoulder, and weighs 65-90 pounds.


The double-coated Giant Schnauzer has a topcoat that is harsh, wiry, and thick. Their inner coat is soft and dense. They have a coarse hair on the top of their head, and known to be their hallmark, harsh eyebrows and beard. This breed comes in two coat colors, salt and pepper, and solid black.


The Giant Schnauzer is an active breed that requires strenuous exercise daily. If they are not given at least twice long brisk walks daily, they tend to be too rambunctious and may be difficult to handle. This breed needs as much exercise as they could, and would love play sessions wherein they can run freely.


Despite their tolerance with children in their own family, the Giant Schnauzer may be too high strung for younger children. Although they are quite a playful breed, they are usually forward and protective of their families. They are typically reserved around strangers, and may demonstrate aggression towards other dogs. The Giant Schnauzer is generally great with other pets. This intelligent dog that enjoys being with its master requires consistent and firm training with as much rewards as possible.


The Giant Schnauzer is the largest, and the latest among the three Schnauzer breeds. Developed by Bavarian cattlemen, this breed was created through cross breeding between various working dogs, and later, with black Great Dane.


This wire-coated breed is relatively easy to care for. The undercoat of the Giant Schnauzer is dense, and tends to become matted of not brushed or combed weekly with a short-wired brush. Owners should clip out knots, brushing first with grain, and against the grain to raise the coat. This breed should be trimmed uniformly all over their body at least four times yearly, with regular ear check-up.


Despite their intelligence and high trainability, they still require consistent training due to their inclination to be stubborn. They also need a lot of socialization and training as puppies especially because they can be quite dominant around other animals. The fact that they are dominant breeds, extra attention should be given to ensure that they do not develop object or food hostility. This can be prevented through petting the dog while eating, which implies who the boss is.

The bold Giant Schnauzer requires a trainer that can be equally dominant in their life. They enjoy learning new things, which makes training this breed very pleasurable.


Large and powerful, the Giant Schnauzer exudes elegance. This breed is known to endure even the harshest weather, and is independent, courageous, and sturdy. This proud and determined versatile dog has various skills that make a trustworthy and ideal family pet.

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