Bacteria On Dog Lovers' Skin Reveal Their Affection

Should we say Germ-an shepherd? Mango Doucleff, of Washington, shows off the bacteria living on her tongue, which also flourish on her owner's .

Michaeleen Doucleff/NPR

Should we say Germ-an shepherd? Mango Doucleff, of Washington, shows off the bacteria living on her tongue, which also flourish on her owner's skin.

Michaeleen Doucleff/NPR

Well, it looks like there really is such as thing as a dog person.

Humans who share their homes with canines also share the similar bacterial houseguests on their skin, ecologists reported Tuesday in the journal eLIFE.

In fact, two dog owners who don't even know each other have about as many of the skin bacteria in common as a married couple living together.

The signature doggie blend is a mixture of from their tongues and paws, the report finds. Microbial sharing from pooch to person occurs primarily through two routes: tongue to skin and paw to skin.

That's right, dog owners have bacteria from Fido's tongue and paws flourishing all over their bodies.

There wasn't an analogous germ signature for cat owners, the scientists say. Cats are more selfish?

, cats and people are all coated in microscopic critters. They cover our skin, grow in our mouths and completely dominate parts of the gut. Your

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