Fascinating Facts About Appenzeller Spitzhauben

The Sennenhunde is a dog breed being considered by the AKC for inclusion as a registered breed. The following article describes the breed.

What is an anyway? For those in the know, it happens to be the national chicken of Switzerland. It is named after the pointed lacy hat worn by ladies in the Appenzeller region of Switzerland. And, it may very well be yours, if you are looking for a beautiful black and white speckled chicken that is fun to raise.

Spitz chickens have spotted black and white feathers that are speckled all over its body. Its head has a crest of fluffy feathers that are split in a v shape much like the hat it is named after. The chickens are really quite striking, and many people enjoy having them because of their distinctive appearance.

If you feel that you can give Appenzellers the freedom they need to roam and forage, then you may consider buying them to have as . They are quite intelligent, and enjoy picking insects out of all sorts of places when you allow them out in the yard. Baby chicks can be ordered from breeders to get you started with your own little flock. The online breeders provide space and shipping recommendations for the breed. Most are concerned that the chicks, or even unhatched eggs arrive safely to you.

There are plenty of advantages to having these chickens as pets. For one thing, they will lay eggs. They are great at producing medium to large sized white eggs. The average egg count per year is 140 to 160 eggs. You will reap the benefits of feeding and caring for them by having fresh, organic eggs with healthy orange yolks. The darker yolk color results from feeding chickens well, and this means more nutrition for your family.

People who enjoy their Spitz say that each one has an unique personality. Part of this comes from their goofy crest of feathers, and the rest comes from their tendency to enjoy being held and stroked if you train them to like it. They are not easily friendly, but once accustomed to your touch, they will like being carted around like a family dog.

Because the birds enjoy foraging for insects, they can be left alone for hours when insects are abundant. They are more quiet than other chickens, and they fly quite well. Good at climbing trees, they may tend to find the closest ones, and sit there for hours.

Because they fly so well, some owners report that all their Appenzellers left their coops in favor of roosting in nearby trees. Some flocks actually remained in the trees until the weather turned cold. The independent nature of these chickens is seen in this behavior, but most owners think it is part of what makes them fun.

Appenzeller are probably one of the most distinctive looking chickens you can have as a pet. If you can put up with their tendencies to fly and climb trees, then you will enjoy their lovely speckled feathers. Just plan on putting up sturdy fencing if need be, and then have fun with these delightful chickens.

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