Belgian Sheepdog – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Belgian Sheepdog

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

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The is a medium to large-sized breed. A member of the herding group, this breed originated in Belgium as with other herding dogs from that area – the German Shepherd Dog, Briard, Dutch Shepherd Dog, and others. The Dog weighs an average of 55-80 pounds, and stands 22-26 inches.


is a double-coated breed with thick, and soft inner coat and longer, slightly rough outer coat. They have medium length coat with remarkable fringes on the tail and legs, with thicker and lengthier hair around the neck in the chest and ruff areas.

Their coats are solid black. Some white parts are allowed on the chest and tips of the back, feet, and toes.


As with other working dogs, the Belgian Sheepdog is used to an active life outdoors. As such, they require a lot of exercise, such as long daily walks. They also love being off the leash in a secured yard/area.


The Belgian Sheepdog is a placid and determined companion. With their high prey drive, they are inclined to chase pets, joggers, bikers, or anything that runs. They are very sensitive to touch. Socialization and obedience training should be done early to avoid puppies from growing up with a sharp temper. Overprotective, vigilant with strangers, cautious, and always on the move when not in control, makes this breed an excellent watchdog.  


As members of the herding breed, are excellent in herding and guarding.

A highly intelligent and loving breed; these dogs do best in a country environment, but may also do well in home life. Having strong protective instincts, this breed makes a great guard dog.


Known to be a heavy shedder, the Belgian Sheepdog should be brushed daily, clipping out mats that form, especially on the legs, in the ruff, and between the toes and outer ears. This breed is a seasonal shedder, shedding twice in a year, and should be given extra care during this period.

Owners should that the Belgian Sheepdog is susceptible to excessive shyness, eye problems, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.


The Belgian Sheepdog needs a handler who understands how to work with an authoritarian and intellectual breed without the use of harsh punishment or rough training methods. This breed requires a firm and positive treatment for them to develop strong bond with the trainer. Dogs that are punished or yelled at will become frightened and hostile rather quickly.

Training this breed should be started as early as possible, particularly with the socialization part of training. Puppy obedience course is highly suggested for both male and female Belgian Shepherd Dog puppies.  

This breed responds well to children, and kids oftentimes love to compete with Belgian Sheepdogs in agility and obedience games since they are naturally obedient. Working with this breed daily on fun activities, exercise, commands, and behaviors will assist them to feel needed by the family.


The Belgian Sheepdog is intelligent, affectionate, sharp, and watchful. Needing firm socialization as early as possible, this breed tends to be very territorial. Having a strong herding instinct, this breed is known to nip at the ankles.

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