Choosing a Springer Spaniel – Some Considerations

English Toy Spaniel
by F.d.W.

The Toy is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.



Have you the time and inclination to ensure that your receives enough exercise.  They are an active breed that can become destructive if they don't get enough daily activity. Please do remember this commitment that you are taking on before your .


Vets bills, dog food, and certain doggy essentials such as a bed, chews, toys and a lead, all cost money.  You need to be sure that you can commit to these expenses for the lifetime of your dog.  From personal experience, I would suggest you should look at pet insurance to reduce potential vet bills. But there are plenty of things you can do yourself without spending too much money.  Grooming your can be done by yourself at home, you don't have to go to a professional and there are grooming guides to be found that can help you achieve this.


Spaniels are fantastic with children and my kids absolutely adore my dog George, but all kids need to be taught about dog ownership; especially to respect dogs and not hurt them. As a very sociable breed, Springer Spaniels enjoy the company of other dogs and animals, except birds; after all they are trained to hunt and flush game.

How to get a Springer Spaniel.

Once you have made the decision there are 2 options for actually getting a Springer Spaniel they are to choose to take on a rescue Springer Spaniel from one of the many excellent Rescue Centres across the country; or to look for a reputable breeder and get a puppy.

a Rescue.

If you don't want the responsibility that comes with owning a Springer Spaniel puppy, a rescue dog may be for you.

There are many rescue organizations that look after unwanted Spaniels and try to find them new homes and families. These organizations will help you in a Springer that is right for you. However getting a Springer Spaniel from a rescue organization means that you are giving a good home to an abandoned dog and you will receive full support from the organization you adopt from.

Choosing a Puppy.

I recommend that your first port of call is to the Kennel Club of America or the UK Kennel Club to ask for a list of the registered Spaniel breeders that are near to you, that way you you will be getting a pedigree puppy.  Once you have the list, it is worth phoning around and speaking with each of the prospective breeders to find out if and when they will be having a litter.  A good breeder that loves their litter will also want to ask you about your lifestyle to ensure that the puppy is going to the right home. breeders may be reluctant to sell a puppy to a family without a garden or the ability to take the puppy for good long walks. I have heard of breeders refusing to sell to buyers who they thought were not suitable to own a breed that requires lots of attention and plenty of exercise. Do not be offended.

Hopefully armed with the information above you have the ability to start your search for a Springer Spaniel.  Should you wish to have more information I would suggest you look at the following site:


Good Luck.


Anna-Marie Kenny is the author of, the online community and comprehensive guide to owning a Springer Spaniel.  Anna has owned Springer Spaniels for the last 26 years and currently has George, a 5 year old Springer Spaniel.

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