Cairn Terrier

The is an AKC registered dog breed. The following article reviews the breed.

It is a solid and agile dog that has an air foxy expression. His head, small but in proportion to body, triangular and well furnished. The ears are pointed and erect, and the jaws strong. The back is straight and the front feet thicker than later. The tail is short, straight and gay. The coat is dense, impermeable and matted. The color ranges from reddish fawn to gray and almost black, sometimes brindle.

The rough hair is easy care, and only occasionally booting into shape. It is best to avoid overly acicalarle to retain its friendly look disheveled. Learn quickly, but requires constant education if we want to see it become the king of the house.

It is a lively dog ​​and reckless character, cheerful and boisterous, ignorant aggression. It looks nice and fun and has become a charming companion dog, but continues to keep his temper active hunter and remains a lively quarrelsome. Independent but not stubborn, patient is a childhood playmate. It is a good guard that does not bark unnecessarily.

We are in the fifties, Prof. Giovanni Bonatti walk to the south of Italy and covers an area devastated by war. Among the ruins left by the bombings of World War II is a compact dog, agile, strong and intelligent reminds him passages from classical Italian literature. Ask the locals and go two and two together to conclude that, despite the indiscriminate crosses that had taken place for decades, had found the direct descendant of the famous Corso described by Machiavelli. From that moment starts an ambitious recovery plan for the race that lasted fifty years. The cause attracted many followers, whose work led to the creation of the Friends.

headed by the veteran teacher, who already had many accurate data.

Despite this face full of tenderness and somewhat goofy expression, it is an animal born to defense business in the attack and during the fierce struggle in their genes are written the activities performed at other times.

is from the west coast of Scotland and has an ancient origin. It seems that over three hundred years ago were used as source instead of dogs of this type. The race's oldest known cairns dating from a hundred and fifty years, but then it is not yet known under its current name.

The Cairn was used by herders of cattle and sheep to hunt foxes, feral cats, rats and other vermin. Just his name has been assigned by the ease with which it moves through the “cairns” cairns where they make their den of foxes in some areas of Scotland.

– Good friend of the family.
– You can live at home or away.
– Smart and cheerful.
– Patient with children.

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