Puppy Tied To Train Tracks By 'Confused' Man

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A puppy narrowly avoided being crushed by a after being tied to railway tracks in the California desert by an elderly man.

Officials say the train driver had to use emergency brakes to stop the train from hitting the 10-month-old poodle-terrier mix near Mecca, south of .

“It’s probably one of the worst things I’ve seen,” said Sal Pina, a Union Pacific Railroad agent. “I’ve never seen something like this.”

Mr Pina untied the puppy and detained the 78-year-old man, who said his family did not want the dog and did not know what to do with him.

Mr Pina said he could not pursue charges against the unidentified man because he appeared confused and did not understand what he had done.

Riverside County animal control said in a statement that the puppy was in good shape and up for adoption.

Veterinary technicians who cared for the pooch have nicknamed him “Banjo” in reference to the old-style traffic signals on rail lines.

Original story here.
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