People taking their pet's medicine?

taking 's ?
Luckily, the child was not harmed by the 's ear drops but he did miss an important treatment for his . Here are a few tips to help prevent mix-ups with pets' in your : Keep in mind that many medicines intended for pets …
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Top 10 Medical Reasons Take Dog or Cat to the Vet
If you've had an ear yourself, you will know how painful they are. Ear infections, historically has been the main reason are seen at the vet, but it's not the 2nd most common reason. According to Cesar Millan, symptoms can include …
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EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula & Cleaner – 8 oz.

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Q&A: What home cures are there a dogs ear infection?

by bunchofpants Question by Cliff: What home are a dogs ear infection? My dog has a ear infection Best answer: Answer by ghost of a chanceI use a garlic/mullein tincture in an oil base when I have , It should work for a dog, too. I get it at an herbal shop […]

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