Border Terrier – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Border Terrier

The is an registered dog breed. The following article the breed.

The are mid-sized belonging to the well-known for their cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Although bred as working animals, their keen ability to adapt makes them excellent family companions. This small, but sturdy breed weighs 13-16 pounds, stands 11-14 inches.


The Border Terrier's coat can be long and slightly disheveled at times, but there are other crosses with fairly smooth wiry coat. Their facial hair is tame with bushy muzzle, giving the exterior of dense whiskers. The breed's coat is red, grizzle, tan, or even blue and tan is really a double-coated coarse and wiry hair.


Bred solely for hunting, the Border Terriers are known to have great strength and endurance. Terriers were never intended to be only a household pet. This breed must have frequent opportunity to exhaust their energy and enable their busy minds to think and do interesting things.


The Border Terrier is a playful and loving dog. They are highly adaptable, fearless, and good with people. They are laidback, but are naturally independent, with the likeness to make their own decisions. They love chasing little animals, but may live harmoniously with other household pets they were raised alongside with. Puppies are predicted to go through a shy phase, so it is important to make sure they are sufficiently socialized with humans and other animals as well.


Bred primarily to be a farm worker, their initial function was to force foxes away from their den and kill them. The Border Terrier was also made to hunt otter, marten, and badget. Today, this terrier is a highly recognized companion, and remains to be a vermin hunter in farms.


The Border Collie has a durable double coat that requires good brushing twice a week. Bathing should only be done when necessary as this will wash away natural oils trapped in the undercoat. Clipping this breed's hair may have negative effects on re-growth. So, stripping is usually recommended. Stripping knives are equipment commonly used to get rid of hair faster. As it requires time and experience, owners can strip out their pet's hair over period of days or ask the professional groomer to do the task which usually takes one to two hours.


The Border Terrier is very eager to learn, that is why they are very popular in show business. Their eagerness to please makes them easy to train. The things Border Terriers are praised and given attention for, they will do over and over again. This breed has tremendous ability in remembering what is tolerable and they are not able to get away with. So, it is likely that they will try to get away with their behavior first, resulting in power struggle. Due to that fact, consistency is imperative and authority must be established as early as the relationship starts.


The Border Terrier is lively, compact, and highly energetic. This breed has amazing stamina, vitality, and great endurance. Good-natured but hardy and robust, this breed belongs to the herding group and will be very capable of being independent in thought and in action.

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